Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Position Among (POPRES) European Populations By High Resolution Principal Component Analysis Using PC1 Vs. PC4

My earlier POPRES European post was plotted using the wrong Principal Components for this particular analysis. In the earlier post I used PC1 and PC2. I was supposed to use PC1 and PC4. So, here is my corrected graph. In this corrected analysis, my closest European genomic neighbors are Sweden (SE) and Norway (NO).

Finland (FI) falls a bit above me (csv) on the graph. The countries clustering near Finland are Germany (DE), Norway (NO), Poland (PL) and Latvia (LV). In the mass nearest to me on the right in the graph are the United Kingdom (UK), the Netherlands (NL), Sweden (SE), Poland (PL) and Ireland (IE).

This high resolution graph (using 74,000 SNPs) was generated by uploading my autosomal SNP csv raw data file to Stanford's Interpretome site and using their tool to do all the hard work.

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