Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hulda, the Goddess Hiding in Hebrew Tradition

In follow-up to my previous post, this post will look at the prophetess Hulda (in Jewish tradition) and her hidden connection to the Death Goddess Hulda (of Norse tradition).

In Old Norse, Hulda means secrecy and hiding. Let's see what's secretly hiding in Hulda's Hebrew name.

The Hebrew name Hulda (חוּלְדָה‎) from the Hebrew root חלד means weasel. The weasel is a classic totem used by shamans as a guide through the Underworld, the realm of the dead. Clearly then, right from the start, we see the connection of the Hebrew prophetess Hulda, through her Hebrew name, to the Underworld and to the Death Goddess, Hulda.

A Death Goddess of focused compassion, written חולדה (as opposed to mercy, written אל-חלדה), Hulda in Swedish, my top ancestral genetic match, means lovely, delightful, faithful, loyal and gracious (chen).

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