Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Position Among (HGDP) World Populations By Principal Component Analysis Using 1000 Autosomal SNP's

I've uploaded my raw autosomal SNP genomic data from my Family Tree csv file to Standford's Interpretome and am analyzing my genome using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). In the graph shown, using 1000 autosomal SNP's, I've plotted my genomic position among the HGDP World Population sample. I am represented by the black square. I fall outside all of the major clusters of all world populations in this low resolution (1000 SNP's) analysis, but I do fall near the clusters for Europeans, Near Easterners and some (North?) Africans (I match to the North African Berber tribe by autosomal STR analysis). It looks like I may be a genuine outlier - yes, I am definitely a byte of a wyrd one on this plot. I am going to also do this analysis using 100,000 SNP's to achieve higher resolution and by using the Hapmap World Population to see if the results are any different and/or more resolved than is this map. Stay tuned ...

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