Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Position Among European (HGDP) Populations By Principal Component Analysis Using 1000 Autosomal SNP's

In follow-up to my previous post (looking at my position among world HGDP populations), using 1000 autosomal SNP's and Stanford's Interpretome tool, this graph plots my genomic position among European (HGDP) populations (PC1 vs. PC2). I don't fall within the Basque (mostly to the right of me), Eastern European (to the left of me) or Southern European (also mostly to the right of me) clusters. I clearly fall within the Northern European cluster which is situated pretty much like a central hub connecting all of the other European clusters. This plot suggests to me (in my layperson's opinion anyway) that the prehistoric beginnings of modern Europeans may have sparked out into other areas of Europe from Northern Europe. In other words, Northern Europe is the ancient ancestral homeland of all modern Europeans (of primarily European ancestry). By what name are we known today as a people way back then? Will investigate, stay tuned ...

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