Saturday, June 30, 2012

More on My Asian Genomic Neighbors

In follow-up to an earlier post (My Position Among (HGDP) Asian Populations By Principal Component Analysis Using 1000 SNP's), I've added links which provide some detail as to the peoples who are my genomic neighbors on the PCA analysis graphs for the continent of Asia: Burusho, Sindhi, Brahui, Makrani, Balochi and Pathan. These peoples are Pakistani-Iranian tribes of ancient the Dravidian, Persian and Indus Valley Civilizations. The Pathans, also known as the Pashtuns, are thought to be one of the "Lost Tribes" of Israel. The ancient homeland of the ancient Dravidians is postulated to be the same ancient homeland of many Indo-European peoples, called Urheimat. Urheimat is strikingly similar to the biblical city of Ur, I think. Urheimat is a German compound of Ur- "primitive, original" and Heimat "home, homeland".

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