Monday, June 25, 2012

My Patron and Ancestor Frey & the Yngling Royal House

As Frau Holle, Frigga and Freya are my Patronesses, so too is Frey my Patron. This new addition to my library discusses Frey, God of the World by Ann Groa Sheffield . This interesting excerpt caught my eye:

The connection between Frey and Kingship is clearest in Sweden [my top autosomal genetic match for deep ancestral origins] where Frey was the ancestor of the royal Yngling dynasty ... The Yngling royal house that descended from Frey took its name from the god, who is frequently called Yngvi-Frey, Ingunar Frey, and the like in Norse literature.

Consequently, as one myself descended from the very ancient Northwestern European Saami-connected U5b ancestral motherline haplogroup, it is very likely than my own Divine Ancestor (like Frau Holle), indeed, is Frey.

I really like this excerpt from the book also:

To summarize, Frey, and Kings whose stories suggest that they are identified with or assimilated to the god, are associated with reigns noted for their prosperity and peace. Frey is the divine ancestor whose blessings are brought forth again and again by his worthy successors; he is the benevolent god.

Well, maybe Prince Moses was not the only Prince among the people of the Exodus after all. I like it that my ancestor's royal house is overwhelmingly associated with peace and prosperity for the people.

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