Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saami Major Lineage One Mitochondrial Cluster

There are two major (lineage 1 and 2) and two minor (lineage 3 and 4) maternal lineage clusters found among the Saami from Northern Norway. This figure from the scientific paper Saami Mitochondrial DNA Reveals Deep Maternal Lineage Clusters demonstrates that my maternal line clearly is part of Saami lineage 1. My own mutations are highlighted (purple shaded numbers). The mutation at 16144 distinguishes Saami haplogroup subclade U5b1b1a (with the mutation) from Saami haplogroup subclade U5b1b1 (without the mutation).

Figure legend:  "Skeleton network constructed from Saami mtDNA haplotypes using our own data and data from Lahermo et al. [18], Dupuy and Olaisen et al. [17] and Richards et al. [21]. The size of the circles is proportional to the frequency of a given haplotype. Black circles mark lineage 1, gray circles mark lineage 2, horizontally striped circles mark lineage 3 and vertically striped circles mark lineage 4. The sequence of branching substitutions could not always be established, in particular in rare lineages without known intermediate haplotypes and are marked with a dot. Positions with possible parallel substitutions, e.g. 16233, are underlined. The hypervariable position 16189 is in italics."

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