Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Position Among Middle Eastern & Jewish Populations By Principal Component Analysis Using 1000 Autosomal SNP's

In follow-up to my previous two posts (which look at my genomic position among HGDP World and HGDP European populations), this graph plots my genomic position among Middle Eastern and Jewish populations using 1000 autosomal SNP's and Standford's Interpretome tool. Highlighting the individual data points on the original graph at the Standford site, my closest genomic neighbors on the graph are Yemenese (purple square to my left), Ashkenazi Jews (purple diamond below me), Egyptians (beige upright triangle to my right), Yemen Jews (green triangle southwest of me), Sephardic Jews (tan triangle northwest of me), Saudis, Syrians, Jordanians, Moroccans, Morocco Jews, Turks, Lebanese, and Samaritans. So, these populations are genetically close to me, as far as our autosomal SNP's are concerned. Interestingly, though Armenia, Hungary and Russia matched significantly on my mtDNA motherline HVR-1 and HVR-2 results from Roots for Real, neither Armenians, Hungarians nor Russians show up in close proximity to me here on these autosomal SNP results. Though I rest on the top right edge of the Middle Eastern and Jewish populations cluster, I clearly fall within the area of the primary cluster (unlike with my HGDP World population map, where I was a rather clear outlier even though I did fall close to the European, Near Eastern and one of two African clusters).

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