Friday, March 16, 2012

Final mtDNA Motherline Results - Top 16 Genetic Motherline Matches

כ״ב באדר תשע"ב
Keowulf 24
Ash 27

This list shows the top 16 best mtDNA genetic matches for me in the world. These top matrilineal ancestral root matches cover a period time from within the last 300-400 generations since the last Ice Age to the present. In other words, in all the world, tracing the data from the last Ice Age to the present, the information shows (quoting from the results) "where in the world (I) have matches to (my) mtDNA. These matches indicate (my) maternal geographic ancestral roots." As indicated in the previous post, where it says that I have "0" "difference to (my) best matches", it means that all of my matrilineal genetic matches are EXACT matches to my own defining motherline genetic markers. Quoting, "a difference of "0" indicates that we have exact matches for your samples." So, the matches in this list are all exact matrilineal genetic matches to me (as far as matrilineal motherline defining genetic markers are concerned). The people on this list are my matrilineal genetic twins, so to speak.

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