Sunday, March 18, 2012

Waves of the Sea

כ״ד באדר תשע"ב
Keowulf 27
Alder 1

Alot of interesting synchronicites converge on this day.

FIRST, I dreamt last night (well, actually this morning) of the sea rising up on the coast where, in the dream, I was. The sea rose up as a mighty tidal wave roaring toward the land, wiping out everything in its path. Well, not everything exactly.

I was in a big building on the shore by the sea with a small group of people. To avoid the destruction of the building and to prevent floodwaters from entering the building and drowning all of us, I and another person, held a large sheet of white material across the open doorway (which had no door). We two held the white material across the doorway at very specific places which we intuited to be the only places where holding the sheet across the doorway could protect us. It didn't matter that the sheet flapped open in the air every other place where the sheet was not being held by us. Holding it as we did, where we did, kept the building standing intact and unbreached by the floodwaters of the tidal wave as it rolled in across the land and submerged the building under the sea. The tidal wave came over the land, submerging in the sea water my group's building and everything outside it. The wave rolled past and the sea retreated, but we knew another tidal wave was coming.

This time, we knew that covering the door was not the needed action to protect us. This time, I and the other person from the group stood at the glass window which faced the sea as we looked out of it. We turned our backs against the window, looking into the room of the building. We just knew the action to do to protect us from being drowned by the sea wave and to keep the building standing against the might of the wave rolling in. My child ran up to us as we stood with our backs against the window, waiting for the rising sea and its tidal wave to reach the land. I grabbed my child up in my arms and set the child down in front of me, turning also the child's back to the window in alignment with ours as we stood strong against the onslaught of the sea. Now there were at least 3 of us standing guard in opposition to the massive sea wave - myself, a man and a child. The wave came, covered over the building, and moved on as the sea again retreated from the land.

We went outside the building and saw all of the destruction, but our building still stood despite being being struck twice by tidal waves which had deeply covered and swept over it. We knew another wave was going to come, we worried another strike by the tidal wave might be more than the building could withstand despite our protective actions, and we wondered if we should try to run to the highlands to escape it or stay put in our building - we didn't know if we had time to make it to higher ground before the next tidal wave struck.

I am quickly losing memory of this part of the dream, but there was a building structure near me outside which I specifically observed and took note of in my line of sight, and I also remember that the prophet had said something once to me about two days (not directly about the building or the tidal wave, but in riddles), and while I can't remember the exact words, the prophet had spoken of these days in such way that I knew that the building would still be standing for at least two more days from that day (in the dream), as the prophet had spoken of the building's presence (in the prophecy) on a day two days into the future (and a day without tidal waves) from the day (in the dream). I knew that no matter how many waves hit our building, the building would withstand it, as it had at least two more days left of Presence in the world - the prophet had seen and spoken in note of our building when speaking of a day two days into the future. The waves would not last for two days into the future (I just knew this as a matter of fact), so we decided to stay in the building to ride out the rest of the waves until they subsided. I woke up.

SECOND, later this afternoon, my mom called me to watch an old black and white movie about to start on television which she thought I'd like. I got up from my computer and went to watch the sweet film - A Portrait of Jenny. Simply wow, on so many levels. It's a love story about an artist and a Fae woman - a woman (his timeless soul mate throughout all time) he never had the opportunity to meet in real (current) life because she had died from a TIDAL WAVE before they had met in his current life. Nevertheless, she found him. (I hadn't told my mom about my dream before the movie at all.)

THIRD, after watching the movie, I came back to my computer to write of these two synchronicities, but decided to check out the posts on some of the blogs I haunt before beginning with the task of writing my own blog post. Interestingly, one of them has written today, "the WAVES are great" in Australia down under.

My universe is today talking all about great waves. And one thing the universe is telling me is to not worry about any of the waves which may come, because I will still be standing after the waves are all long gone.

The full movie:

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