Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Extra" mtDNA Mutation Associated with K2 Subclade

ט׳ באדר תשע"ב
Keowulf 11
Ash 14

Here is a list of mtDNA haplogroup defining mutations - the mtDNA markers I have been given thus far place me into the U5b haplogroup according to this list as well, although I do have an "extra" mutation (16093) among my relevant mtDNA markers that is often associated with the K2 subclade of mtDNA haplogroup K, though I don't have any of the defining mutations for that haplogroup overall. Perhaps this is one reason the researchers at the lab are checking my results by hand - to make sure that I don't also have one of the overall defining mutations (146*, 1811, 3480, 9055, 9698, 10550, 11299, 14167*, 14798, 16224, 16311) of haplogroup K, which might blur where I fit in - with U5b or K2. From this newer chart (below) showing the relationships between the haplogroups, we can see that both U5 (my assigned primary haplogroup, with U5b being my subclade within U5) and K descended from U (often called UK in the literature, a superhaplogroup known also by the clan mother name Ursula). If I actually have a defining marker from both U5 and K, I could go into either U5b or K2. I wonder how they decide into which group to put you in that case? At any rate, right now, no defining marker for K overall is being reported to me, but all of my results aren't in yet and they are checking mine by hand. I've only received information on the first 3 matches (of 16) noted on my report thus far, so I'm not sure how much "tweaking" of the results they may end up doing for the final report.

Update -"Because 16093 has an extremely high mutation rate it is excluded from the matching criteria" [Source]

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