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Middle Eastern Origin of Clan Ursula

י׳ באדר תשע"ב
Keowulf 12
Ash 15

From these maps tracing the migrations of the mtDNA haplogroups (Hgs), we see that Hg U (represented by Clan Mother Ursula) originated and branched off from Hg N in the Middle (Near) East during the period 60,000-30,000 years ago (ya), one daughter1 of Ursula going west into Europe and another daughter1 of Ursula going south into Asia (and the subcontinent of India):

About 20,000ya, during the period of the Glacial Maximum with much of Europe covered by glacial ice, European Clan Ursula backmigrated into the Middle East from Europe:

Even as many members of Clan Ursula migrated to and resettled Scandinavia 13,000ya after the ice sheets retreated and Europe warmed, many members of Clan Ursula remained in the Middle East:

Even as Scandinavian Clan Ursula takes deep root in Northwestern Europe, still many members of Clan Ursula call the Middle East home 11,400ya:

Clan Ursula is still present in the Middle East 1000ya:

even until the present day:

It is debated among the scientific genetic community as to whether Clan Katrine (Hg K) originated in Europe or the Middle East, and the longstanding presence of Clan Ursula (from whom Clan Katrine descended) in both Europe and the Middle East makes the question even more debatable.

From these maps (source - Roots for Real), we can see that the simple thinking that Clan Ursula is simply European is simply erroneous.

1 To qualify as a founding Clan Mother, the woman must have had at least two surviving daughters through whom to pass on her mitochondrial DNA. The mathematical reasoning behind this requirement is explained in detail in Bryan Sykes' book, The Seven Daughters of Eve.

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