Saturday, January 31, 2009

Origins: Witchblood & Chosenness

ז' שבט תשס"ט
Imbolgen 7

Also relevant to my spiritual pathworking, an excerpt from the article Biblical References In Traditional Witchcraft by Peter Paddon (in The Crooked Path Journal, Issue 3):

Annunaki - these were a group of Sumerian or Akkadian deities, frequently equated to Watchers, or Fallen Angels. Depending on how it is written, the name Annunaki means "of Royal Blood", or "princely offspring" or "heaven and earth". They are the children of Anu and Ki, and were led by the twins Enlil (Lord of the Wind or Air) and Enki (Lord of the Earth), who disputed each other's right to lead. Enki created humanity to be servants who would do the tasks the Gods would not lower themselves to do for themselves, but Enlil believed that humankind deserved a better fate than that, and caused Adam, the first man, to mate with Lilith, Enki's daughter, to introduce the Divine bloodline into humanity. This eventually became what is considered the Witchblood.

Needless to say, the concept of Witchblood is very important to Traditions that embrace these myths, and this can be an additional bone of contention for those that do not. Some Traditions hold to the idea that only some humans carry the Witchblood, but the more pragmatic realize that with the number of generations that have existed on Earth, pretty much everyone would have some of the Witchblood in their makeup. So they instead focus on the concept of Awakening ... we all have Witchblood within us, but in order for us to become Witches, that blood must be awakened, after which progress is not so much a matter of learning but remembering by tapping into Ancestral memories.

We can see then that, without dogma, the Lore of Torah and the Lore of Witchcraft are not mutually exclusive at all. In fact, the concept of the 'Witchblood' (Divine connection borne through our ancestors) and the concept of 'Chosenness' (Divine connection borne through our ancestors) are one and the same.

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