Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bird Who Feared

י"ז טבת תשס"ט
Grael 18

I had the oddest dream last night. It was rather short too.

Large long-beaked birds were chasing a woman, trying to stab her with their sword-like beaks. One predator bird in particular was chasing her and had managed to stab her once as she ran. Although the wound was severe, it wasn't fatal. I knew in my mind that if the bird managed to stab her again, the additional wound would prove fatal. There was a lethal dose of poison associated with a second wound from these kinds of birds.

I was in my car (which was red on the outside and had a gold interior in the dream), driving down a rather bare road when I saw her running for her life through an open field, trying to escape the big-beaked bird who was chasing her. I stopped my car, got out, ran over to her and pulled her into the safety of my car. For some reason the bird couldn't attack me - I was immune to it. It also feared me I think, because it didn't chase me and backed off suddenly from the woman as I approached her. Even as I stood outside my car, with the injured woman safely inside it, the bird didn't even attempt to approach me. It flew off as I stood on the side of the road watching it (and the whole flock) disappear from sight.

I woke up.

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