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Sidhe Moon Of Black Fire Atop White Fire

כ"ט אב התשס"ח
Belz 1
Sidhe Moon of Shabbat Belz Machar Chodesh

Black Fire Atop White Fire
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I came home yesterday from work to find that I had finally received the new book in the mail that I had ordered a few weeks ago - The Sidhe, Wisdom From The Celtic Otherworld. I had been waiting for the book on aes sídhe (pronounced 'ess shee') to arrive for an unusually extended period of time and had been considering contacting the bookseller soon to inquire as to the possibility that my book order or the shipment had been lost. That would not be necessary now, for The Sidhe arrived just in time for shabbat of the Sidhe Moon.

A Sidhe Moon, also called the Other Moon, is the uncommon phenomenon of two Black Moons occurring in one solar month. The second Black Moon in such a month is called the Sidhe or Fairy Moon. This rare lunar event occurs today, in the year of 2008/5768, on shabbat (weekly Jewish sabbath) of the Torah portion Re'eh (meaning 'see'), on the first day of the Witch's month of Belz (Days of Fire), and on the penultimate day of the Hebrew month of Av (Days of the Young Shoot/bud).

Torah Of The Sidhe - Black Fire Atop White Fire

The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is aleph (א). The penultimate letter of the Hebrew alphabet is shin (ש). Together, the letters aleph-shin spell the Hebrew word esh (אש) meaning 'fire'. The period of time corresponding to the Witch's month of Belz is, as written above, called 'Days of Fire'.

White Fire corresponds to the two Hebrew letters of the word esh, meaning 'fire', symbolizing the mutable Light of Awareness. Black Fire corresponds to the dark Sidhe Moon of the month of Belz, the Days of Fire, and to the immutable note of a Dark Essence Ancient of Days brought forth through the Old Forest Craft of this shamanic Jewitch. Interestingly, the Sidhe teach of the unique note each creature and species contribute to the exquisite song of All Being within the pages of the book I received yesterday afternoon.

The Sidhe Moon is an element from the Teaching of Green Witchcraft. Interwoven with this teaching of Green Witchcraft is a teaching of Torah.

Torah is also a Teaching Tradition (like Green Witchcraft) which describes the Blueprint of Creation and is itself described in the Midrash (Jewish mythology) as “black fire atop white fire” (Sifrei, on Deuteronomy 33:3).

Integrating all these ideas simply and wholly, we can see that not only is there Wisdom among the Sidhe, we can see that there is Torah among the Sidhe as well. Equally important, just as tzaddikim may have Da'at Torah (integral knowledge of mystical-magical Law-Teaching), so too may witches have Da'at Torah.

And so begins my relationship this shabbat with the Sidhe, with black fire atop white fire.

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