Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Gaian Eternity

ח' אב התשס"ח
Lughnasadh 9

In follow-up to my earlier entry discussing my shabbat dream (Endless Legion From The Elementary Sea), connected to the dream's reality is the fact that last night I went to sleep after reading the chapter Creation, What Every Pagan Should Know About Evolution from Starhawk's book The Earth Path, Grounding Your Spirit In The Rhythms Of Nature.

In this chapter, Starhawk discusses the concept of Gaian evolution. After reading the chapter last night, as I lay in bed contemplating my own Gaian connections, the reality of those connections emerged. Reaching far back into premanifest consciousness, evolving up through the elements into single and multicellular organisms and into beyond the human animal, ever-existent within the ever-evolving yet timelessly unchanging tapestry of Nature, my Eternal 'Ancestral' Matrix made its Eternal Presence known. It is very good and beautiful.

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