Saturday, August 09, 2008

Endless Legion From The Elementary Sea

ח' אב התשס"ח
Lughnasadh 9

I dreamt.

Behind the scenes some who didn't like me were trying to create animosity against me in secret meetings within a community located by the sea, where I too was located. It was a small movement doomed to failure. More and greater were those in need of me.

In the dream, another evening meeting place over and against the instigators' meeting was occurring in the gymnasium of the elementary school I had attended as a child (the building is no longer a school). I was sitting on the stairs (in the middle) right outside the gymnasium, which led up to the fourth/fifth and sixth grade classrooms which I had once occupied in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades.* Here in the elementary school of my youth, support for me was mustering together.

The wizard who now owned the old elementary school was calling up forces more powerful than those against me, and way beyond the small domain of my enemies' forces. Sitting on the stairs of old Lynch School, I felt trusting, innocent and childlike. I felt so protected, sitting on those stairs, so at home, so magically rooted into the heart of the earth.

Then, I saw the forces coming together in the darkness of night outside the building. An endless legion of creatures ascended from the sea and came ashore, onto the land of living creatures, and mixed into the community. Elemental forces swirled invisibly with the air surrounding the building. A warm fiery glow softly lit the consecrated space inside the schoolbuilding.

I felt completely safe, completely protected. My spirit rested with perfect peace.

I woke up.

*Classrooms for Grades 1-3 and half of 4th Grade were located on the ground floor. Classrooms for the other half of 4th Grade and Grades 5-6 were located on the second floor. I spent 4th Grade in the second floor classroom. In this dream, I was sitting in the middle of the stairs 'between' and 'joining' the first and second floors. I attended this school for all 6 years of my elementary school education.

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