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The Magic Chair Of Machar Chodesh

כ"ט אב התשס"ח
Belz 1
Sidhe Moon of Shabbat Belz Machar Chodesh

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In follow-up to my entry of earlier today, linking both Jewish and Celtic traditions to Torah through the time of the Sidhe Moon of Shabbat Belz, I had a dream this morning/last night which again links the Sidhe Moon to Torah through another element of time.

This shabbat is not only Shabbat Belz (first shabbat of the month of Belz) according to my Witch's calendar, it is Shabbat Machar Chodesh according to the Hebrew calendar (machar chodesh means literally 'tomorrow is the new month' - according to Hebrew timekeeping). On this special shabbat, when the Torah portion Re'eh (meaning 'see') coincides with a special shabbat (which this one is), in Jewish tradition, we also read a portion of Torah (called a Haftarah) from the prophets, specifically, the portion I Samuel 20:18-20:42. The Haftarah portion from Samuel discusses a 'seat' - David's seat. In this portion, Jonathan tells David - "Tomorrow will be the new moon; and you will be missed when your seat remains vacant."

Last night/this morning, I dreamt of a seat, of a magic chair. The seat of which I dreamt was at first empty, but then it was not ...

I dreamt.

There was a large ancient black magic chair in the place. Many from two ancient tribes stood around it, as members among each of them contemplated the possibility of sitting in the magic chair. But it was very dangerous to do so.

The chair's magic was greatly coveted. To sit successfully in the chair bestowed much power upon anyone who could sit in it without being destroyed. For certainly, the power the chair liberated within and through the sitter would destroy the unworthy. My vision flashed to see how this destruction had happened to a promising young man once before who alone dared to sit in the magic chair.

The destruction of the unworthy who dared to sit in it came about because the chair multiplied exponentially that which was already contained like a seed within the chairsitter. So actually, the chair did not itself bestow power, it actually functioned as a catalyst through which power was released to destroy (via unstoppable exponential expansion) the unworthy sitter or to enable the worthy sitter to do great magic. The outcome was solely determined by the worthiness of the sitter. Nearly everyone who had ever sat in the chair throughout all time had been destroyed. Consequently, while the magic of the chair was desired, the fear of sitting in it kept potential sitters from sitting. The risk was great and the likelihood of success small.

I looked at the awesome ancient black chair and felt no fear of unstoppable expansion. There was no fear in me because there was no expansion that was unstoppable in my mind. I felt able to stop the putatively unstoppable.

Then there was a man with dark red hair and a dark red beard (characteristic of both biblical David and of Irishmen in general) who sat in the chair. Somehow then, I too was sitting in the chair, in his lap. The great magic power then released through us.

The dream stopped, and I woke up. Safe and sound.

I lit a candle in honor of my ancestors, dressed with the Honor Ancestors Incense made this Shabbat of the Sidhe Moon, during the planetary hour of Pluto (corresponding to Malchut).

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