Friday, August 22, 2008

The Inverted Seal

כ"א אב התשס"ח
Lughnasadh 22

I dreamt.

The only thing I remember about the dream is the waking vision I had of a man's hand coming forward as if to show me the ring on his finger which 'identified' him to me. It was almost as if I were being shown the ring for the specific purpose of determining if I could see and remember it upon waking. As the ringed hand came forward, it seemed to beckon me to 'remember', and to 'recognize' it. It had the feel of a 'king's seal'.

The ring was a very wide band (perhaps even over 1/2 inch wide) of silver with a rough design on it. Inset into the middle of the band was a round white stone about the size of the pupil of an eye. It caught my eye.

I woke up.

The color of the stone (white) which resembled a pupil is the inverted color of a pupil (black). The ring had the feel of a seal. The dream symbolism I recognize pertains to the 'inverted seal' of kabbalah - the chotam hamithapech, where the very highest (soul) level of yechida becomes physically manifest at the level of malchut.

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