Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Blessing Of Rejection

א' אב התשס"ח
Lughnasadh 2

Given the metaphysical reality of soul-friends as discussed in my previous entry (Anam Chara - Reyah - Soul Friend), it becomes clear that each of us, in our search for a coven or other esoteric group in which to belong, the concept of soul friend bonding is very important and consequential to successful shamanic magical mystical work. Necessarily then, to be 'rejected' from core membership into any particular coven or esoteric group should be understood through this concept.

Each of us needs to find our true place, the unique coven or esoteric group which will support Divine consciousness among the collective blend of soul friends. Finding our true soul friends takes time, commitment to pathwalking, exploration, iterative self-evaluation and patience. Likely, we will be rejected and we will reject others many times upon this quest. These rejections are not value judgments, but steps upon the way toward finding our true group of soul friends.

I give thanks for the those times I have been rejected, for they have sped my way toward finding my soul friends as opposed to being held back by remaining where they are not.

We can learn from many people, but few are those who are greatly blessed to learn among soul friends in the metaphysical sense, made of the same 'soul-stuff', as described by the terms anam chara and reyah.

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