Friday, October 13, 2006

Shem HaMeforash

אתהפכא חשוכא לנהורא
See what's blowing with the wind -

On the power to elucidate new words of Torah, the Zohar explains [1]:

"At the moment that a person utters a new word of Torah (i.e., states something about the Torah that was not previously known), that word ascends and stands before the Holy One blessed be He ... A newly created word of (kabbalistic wisdom) ascends and alights on the head of the Everlasting (or, better, the living of the worlds) Righteous One, and flies from there and sails through seventy thousand worlds and ascends to Atik Yomin, and all the words of Atik Yomin are words of wisdom comprising sublime, esoteric mysteries. And when that esoteric word of wisdom newly created here ascends and joins with the words of Atik Yomin and ascends and descends ... at that moment Atik Yomin savors the word, and He is greatly pleased with it above all ... That word flies, ascending and descending, and becomes a firmament, and so every word of (kabbalistic) wisdom becomes a firmament standing fully existent before Atik Yomin ... and all the other words of Torah (non kabbalistic) stand before the Holy One blessed be He and ascend and become ... a new earth."


[1] as quoted in Studies In The Zohar, page 56 by Yehudah Liebes

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