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With Six Letters, Three Cauldrons Of One Torah

י"ז תמוז התשס"ח
Faunus 19

Scribal oddity of two 'n's as found in Torah scroll (shown aove).

The Celtic Ogham alphabet of the Druids is called Beth-Luis-Nuin. Through designating the Ogham alphabet beth-luis-nuin, in some manner then, the three letters (beth, luis, nuin) call out the soul of the Ogham into active creative manifestation. In other words, the letters symbolize the three creative rays of Awen, and the creative energy of the Divine Feminine known in kabbalah as hashra'ah.

From the perspective of a Jewitch, beth-luis-nuin have correspondences to the Hebrew letters Beit-Lamed-Nun. In Torah, beit-lamed-nun symbolize the soul of Torah.

Beit-Beth, with a 'b' sound, is the first letter (בְּ) of the first word 'bereshit' (בְּרֵאשִׁית) in the first book of Torah, Genesis (called in Jewish tradition 'Bereshit'). The six letters of the word 'bereshit' can mean 'with six'.

Lamed-Luis, with an 'l' sound, is the last letter (ל) in the last word 'Yisrael' (יִשְׂרָאֵל) in the last book of Torah, Devarim (Deutereonomy). The word "Yisrael' is a mystical codeword for the collective soul of humanity to whom Torah belongs. 'Torah' is a mystical codeword for the 'keys to creative messianic consciousness'.

In the Hebrew language, the letters lamed-beit spell the word לב, pronounced 'lev' (a hard beit is pronounced 'v', a soft beit is pronounced 'b'), a word meaning 'heart'. The 'heart' of Torah, comprising the soul of Torah, symbolizing the entire Torah, from the last letter to the first letter, the alpha and the omega, speaks forth the realization of humankind's messianic potential and inherent Divinity.

Nun-Nuin. The messianic and Divine consciousness of humankind is symbolized by the 'n' sound, represented actively by the Hebrew letter nun and the Ogham letter nuin.

Two letters with the 'n' sound comprise a significant and unique scribal oddity found in Torah. The two odd 'n's are called nun hafucha (inverted nun, like an introspective 'n' among the Hebrew alphabet) and nun m'zuneret (isolated nun, like the 'n' among the Ogham alphabet set apart from the Hebrew alphabet). Between the two n's are set apart two verses (Numbers 10:35-36) within the midst of the entire Torah. The two verses are said to comprise a link to an entirely new inner arrangement within Torah, one which will be revealed during the golden age of messianic consiousness among humankind.

Taken together, with six letters from both the Hebrew and Ogham alphabets, are three cauldrons of Torah creation letters called forth. Brewing within the three cauldrons of Torah creation letters is the birthright of humankind - Divine messianic consciousness.

Six Letters, Three Cauldrons, Two Alphabets, One Torah

The heart of Torah is the heart of the Ogham. Hebrew and Ogham (shefifon) are elucidations of the same root soul (serayah) of the Divine soul of humanity.

With six letters (beth, beit, luis, lamed, nuin, nun), through three cauldrons (of emanation, creation and formation) is the entire atzilutic-messianic Torah called forth and made manifest.

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