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Total Solar Eclipse, Foxes & The Navi Sheker

כ"ד תמוז התשס"ח
Faunus 26

A total solar eclipse is observed this friday August 1 in parallel with Lughnasadh (the witches' new moon sun sabbat).

A solar eclipse occurs when the new moon passes between the sun and the earth. A solar eclipse can only happen with a new moon, and when the moon and sun are in conjunction with respect to their positions in relationship with the earth.

The judge Shimshon (Samson) has parallels in Torah to both the sun (shemesh) and to foxes. A nazarite of the Divine (one who has taken a vow of self-consecration to the Divine for a designated period of time), Shimshon uses foxes in an attempt to destroy the Philistines. In the end, Shimshon himself is destroyed.

How do the Shimshon parallels parallel with the events of this week?

First, on friday there occurs a total solar eclipse of the sun, where the sun is linked to the name of Shimshon. Thus, the sun's masculine power will be eclipsed by the feminine power of the moon.

Second, Foxnews reports on a recent fox attack:

MORRISTON, Fla. — Authorities say a Levy County, Fla., man accidentally shot his wife while trying to hit a fox that attacked her.

The couple told deputies they spotted an animal in their yard Friday morning and went outside to see what it was.

The fox bit the woman on the left leg and wouldn't let go, so she told her husband to get a gun.

The man fired a .22-caliber rifle seven times, killing the animal but also hitting his wife in the lower right leg.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The fox was killed. Daily Nach informs us that in Jewish tradition the fox has parallel to a navi sheker (false prophet):

The way that our Navi explains the Navi Sheker as the fox, reminded me of the Gemara at the end of Makkos. There is a story of Rabbi Akiva and his friends walking post-chorban and seeing a fox run through the destroyed Temple. Rabbi Akiva laughs while everyone else cries. This idea, of a fox running through a chorban is that the fox is looking for his scrapes of food and resembles the weak that remain.

Thus, the navi sheker feeds off the holiness of the tattered Temple (Divine Feminine), plucking out its meal from the remains like notes from the wall.

Shimshon, the judge who, in an effort to destroy the other, followed the advise of the false prophets in his milieu, and found he himself destroyed in the end.

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