Saturday, July 12, 2008

When All Else Falls, A Claddagh Remains

ט' תמוז התשס"ח
Faunus 11

An interesting snippet from a long series of interwoven dreams this shabbat morning - I was facing two skyscrapers. My vision was able to penetrate the concrete and steel of the buildings to see inside each of them.

On the top floors of the skyscraper to my left was a woman. On the top floors of the skyscraper to my right was a man. They were both on the same "level" of their particular skyscraper. My impression was that the man and woman were husband and wife, but that neither could reach the other because each was trapped in some way within the structure of their respective skyscraper. They were not yet together, though they were "married" spiritually.

All of a sudden, the skycrapers started to break apart as if in an earthquake. The left arm of the woman outstretched through the crumbling concrete and steel outer wall toward the place of her husband, and the husband outstretched his right arm toward the place of his wife through the crumbling concrete and steel wall of his skyscraper. Neither could see the other. Each perceived the presence of the other "across the gulf" with inner vision. As their arms were feeling out into empty space, all of a sudden their arms began to elongate. Though each initial reach had met with empty space, neither was willing to give up reaching the other. Their singleminded focus was not on escaping the destruction, but on making contact. The world may collapse around them, yet the only thing that mattered was finding and grasping the hand of the other.

As their outstretched arms began to elongate even more, a small child appeared suspended in midair between them. Through this floating child, their arms met and wove around the child, their hands clasped, and they all became stabilized against collapsing along with the collapsing skyscrapers.

They could all now fly. The couple no longer needed the "support" of the skyscrapers, which had fallen away and disappeared.

I woke up.

The dream symbolism reminds me of a claddagh.

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