Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Bull And The Bulldozer

י"ט תמוז התשס"ח
Faunus 21

Last night I dreamt.

The part of the dream synchronous with and significant to this morning's news event is this:

My dream -

I killed a rampaging bull that was attacking people (who were coming to my house) outside in my house's yard. No one whom the bull had tried to kill (including myself) was killed. I can't remember in the dream if I shot it or speared it. I am pretty sure I speared it in some manner.

The news event -

None were killed from today's bulldozer rampage in Jerusalem, the second one this month.

Sixteen people were wounded, one of them moderately, as a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in central Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon in an apparent attempt to recreate the terror attack in the capital earlier this month.

The vehicle reportedly left a construction site near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and set off towards Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapa'amon), near the corner of Keren Hayesod and King David streets. It drove a distance of approximately 160 meters, attempting to overturn a bus and crashing into four other vehicles - one of which it flipped over. The man was then shot dead by a civilian and a border policeman.

The bulldozer driver was shot and killed by two individuals with a firearm. In my dream, the bull was killed by me, one individual with a spear or long knife. The connection between my dream (while I was 'dozing') and the news event is the concept of a 'rampaging bull' (-dozer) producing no fatalities.

Video news report.

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