Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kabbalah Of Excalibur

כ' תמוז התשס"ח
Faunus 22

32 Paths of Chochmah (Wisdom) according to the Gra.

An interesting kabbalistic connection comes to light when considering Excalibur's legendary journey from the mystic water of the Lady's Lake into her mighty hand.

The channels linking Chochmah (Wisdom, symbolized by water, #2 on the diagram) and Gevurah (Strength, symbolized by the left hand feminine power, #6 on the diagram), according to the kabbalah of the Gra, is characterized by two Hebrew letters - zayin (symbolized by a sword, channel 2-4) and yud (symbolized by a hand, channel 4-6).

Thus, the mysticism of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake fits perfectly with the 32 kabbalistic paths of Chochmah (Wisdom) according to the Gra.

The combined gematria (numerology) of zayin-yud is 17, the same gematria as 'tov' meaning 'good'.

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