Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Power Of Az

There are two traditional "discrepencies" involving the number 70. One is in Vayigash and the other concerns the number of lines the shirah of parashat Ha'azinu must be written on. Two other numbers connected to the "70 discrepencies" are the numbers 1 and 3. Both 1 and 3 pertain to the constellation of the upper sefirot; 1 to keter and 3 to chochmah, binah and da'at. The number 70, of course being a multiple of 7, pertains to the "woman of valor" operating as an interface between the lower 7 sefirot and the upper sefirot within the worlds of yetzirah (70) and assiyah (7).

Putting the extremes (sefirot-wise) together, one has:
az (אז), then - see Bahir 139-142 for significance

Also interestingly 70-7 spells "power":
az (עז)

I've written a little previously about the "70 discrepencies" here:
The Aleppo Codex, Serach & Hanhaga

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