Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Cherub Sans Sword

In follow-up to my previous entry (Bestowing Abundance), where I discussed the appearance of the shefa of Yesod surrounding this evening's supermoon full moon, it should be also noted (as Wiki informs us) that "the archangel of this sphere [Yesod] is Gabriel, and the Cherubim is the Angelic order." In Jewish mystical tradition (as Mystical paths informs us), the Cherubim are associated with the revolving sword of consciousness which prevents re-entrance into the Garden of Eden:

The sword that prevents us entering freely into our own deeper levels of con­cen­tration and understanding is created and strength­ened by mis­de­mean­our, moral or religious errors. Thus, con­versely, moral purity, as described by the Torah and Masters, can less­en or even remove this sword.

Importantly, according to the Zohar (as Kabbalah Online informs us), the magickal Hebrew letter associated with a sword of the Cherubim, that is, the sword of judgment, is the Hebrew letter vav (ו):

The vav is the body of the sword, the six directions of the world ...

The power which showed its face in my world tonight was the hand of the Cherubim (as opposed to the sword of the Cherubim).

The Encyclopedia of Angels informs us about the hands of the Cherubim:

Their hands are under their wings and their feet are covered by their wings; they have horns of glory upon their heads.

Sounds alot my artistic photographic rendition of tonight's supermoon (see picture) - I've got got a cherub here tonight sans sword.

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