Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Frog Prince

Despite numerous frustrations today, I had to slow down when a frog prince jumped into my life. Trapsing out to the garage for some supplies after a calming thunderstorm, a frog blocked my way into the side door of the garage. He wouldn't move. He just kept looking at me with those big lonesome eyes until I bent down and shooed him away from the door so I could enter it without tripping or scaring him into running into the garage and trapping himself inside.

On my way out of the garage door, carrying an armload of supplies, there he stood on the edge of the sidewalk, just looking at me. Okay then, I set all my supplies down on the sidewalk, stooped down, and sat beside him there in the dusky damp twilight. We talked for a few minutes until I needed to go. I told him goodnight, and he hopped off the sidewalk to let me pass. I picked up my supplies and smiled him a kiss goodnight. Such a wonderful creature, a frog.

Frog Totem

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