Friday, May 25, 2012

Celtic Druid & Jewish Remnants and the Viking Raids

While the previous map looked back approximately 500 years (up to 1000 years even, landing in the Middle Ages and possibly covering some of the period of the Viking raids), this map looks at the world regions where my ancestors (both maternal and paternal) have roots for the last several thousands of years. The timing is important, because I have a hypothesis related to my ancestry and the history of Europe. In this map, it looks like I have strong more ancient roots in the Celtic lands of Wales, Scotland, UK, Ireland and to the Viking land of Finland. So, my more ancient ancestors are also significantly Celtic, as well as Finnish Vikings (with a splash from Spain and Eastern Europe, which could have been from people "acquired" by the Vikings during raids or who joined up with the Vikings and Celts against the Romanization of Europe - perhaps even refugees from ancient Israel as well following destruction of the Temple - as suggested by my motherline genetic map). Interestingly, both the Celts (think Boadicea and the Druids on Anglesey) and the Vikings famously fought Rome and/or the spread of Christianity during the period this map covers (as did my Jewish ancestors fight Rome in ancient Israel). It's not inconceivable then, that perhaps my Celtic Druid ancestors fled to Viking Sweden following defeat by Rome at Anglesey, and there, together, the remnant of Celtic Druids joined up with the Vikings, and together plotted the revolt against the Romanization of Northwestern Europe (the land of the Vikings and the haven for a Celtic Druid remnant) - resulting in the Viking raids. All of this is supported by my genetic ancestry results and my dream of being a half-blood Celtic Druid Jewess on the run from Roman soldiers. I bet I ended up in Sweden and joined up with the Vikings, who were after all, my relatives too (in Finland).

The Viking revolt against Romanized Europe spanned the late 8th to 11th centuries.

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