Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Name is Heid

Last night I petitioned my Ancestors and the Ancestral Masters for acceptance of me as an individual into the sacred mysteries of my Clan, and for guidance. Before retiring to bed, I drew a rune from my runebag to see what my ancestors had to say. I drew Laguz. Edred Thorsson writes regarding Laguz:

This is a potent rune of initiation - especially the initiation into life. In heathen times a newborn child was sprinkled with water and given its name, after it had shown itself worthy of life. This reintegrated the child into the lifeforce of its Clan. The mystery of vatni ausa (the ritual of sprinkling with water) predates Christian influence and is a feature of the ancient Nordic doctrine of rebirth - aptrburdhr.

The rune as I drew it was also associated with brightness in my mind, so I looked brightness up as it might pertain to Norse shamanism. Brightness refers to the name Heid. My personal birth name may be translated into Lorilla, but the sacred shamanic witch name given to me my Clan and Teutonic Ancestors is Heid. In Norse mythology, Heid is a prophetess older than time, immortal, ever present and ever knowing, and a völva (a shamanic seeress of Norse tradition). This name fits me, especially given my pre-incarnate memories and experiences of pre-physical conscious seership.

Thorsson also writes that Laguz provides

guidance through difficult initiatory tests and supports the development of second sight.

In addition to acceptance and guidance, I have been given a Sacred Name and Ancestral support to develop the gift inherent in my Name.

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