Monday, May 07, 2012

The Viking Jews

Given my dream early this morning, it became more imperative to turn my attention back toward my Scandinavian roots right now to discover some more Viking connections and intersections between all the peoples of my ancestries.

Though Denmark isn't mentioned specifically on my autosomal STR analysis results, Sweden, Norway and Finland are mentioned significantly.

New addition to my bookshelf - THE VIKING JEWS by Rabbi Dr. Ib Nathan Bamberger

The small Jewish community of Denmark, one of Europe's smallest countries, was virtually unknown to the rest of the world until the Danes' heroic rescue of their Jews from the Nazi invaders became a universal symbol of courage and hope.

Beginning with King Christian IV's invitation to the Jews, in 1622, to settle in his land and culminating in their miraculous escape and triumphant return after World War II, The Viking Jews details the struggles and successes of the Danish Jews in securing civil, economic, and political equality with their countymen.

Dr. Bamberger's deft prose and thorough knowledge of the subject make The Viking Jews a fascinating and informative introduction to a noble country and its people.

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