Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sephardic Jewish U5b

In follow-up to my previous post on Berber Jews, in relationship to the the 5 Ashkenazi Jews and 1 North African individual who share my U5b haplogroup and whose mtDNA genetic markers exactly match my own, I also note that I have an individual in Spain on my list of exact genetic matches. That fact made me wonder about a possible Sephardic Jewish connection.

Well, in a U5 online group I belong to (for both U5a and U5b clades), there is a Sephardic Jew who is in the U5b haplogroup.

I was also informed that in 1492 (and before that as well, due to a sharp increase in the severity of anti-semitism), when the Jews were expelled from Spain (where one of my own genetic matches is located, a Converso family perhaps), many moved into North Africa (hence, my North African Berber match is illuminated).

Clearly, my motherline has a long history of Jewishness. I've illuminated a possible route now during this period of the Middle Ages.

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