Friday, April 20, 2012

Berber Jews

There are at least 16 people (in the scientific database) in the world who are my "genetic twins" as far mitochondrial (motherline) DNA is concerned, which means that I share with these 16 people the same motherline down through time since pre-human hominids became human, clear back to "mitochondrial Eve" and that we share a recent common matriarchal genetic ancestor as well - all of our mtDNA markers are the same. On the list of my 16 exact mtDNA genetic matches (that I received from the lab that performed my motherline ancestral analysis) there are at least 4-5 disclosed Ashkenazi Jews in central Europe and Asia. Also on this list is an undisclosed individual in North Africa, identified as of the Berber tribe. Researching my North African Berber connection, I found this article which goes into the interesting relationship between the Berbers and the Jews. Wiki informs me that in antiquity, "some Berbers were Christians (some evolved their own Donatist doctrine), some were Jewish (Berber Jews), and some adhered to their traditional polytheist religion. The Berbers are the indigenous group of North Africa west of the Nile Valley.

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