Sunday, April 22, 2012

Predicted U5b Subclade

Based upon my already identified mtDNA mutations, I'm going to predict that I might fall somewhere into the U5b2a subclade by full sequence mtDNA analysis. This article further supports my prediction via HVR1 mutations (as Poland came up as one among 16 genetic matches):

The most ancient identified subhaplogroup, U5b2, requires further phylogeographic studies. However the data presented here allow us to suggest that at least subcluster U5b2a is characterized by a predominantly central European distribution, since a large number of U5b samples from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic fall into this subcluster (Figure 1).

We'll see when the results come in (and all of my mtDNA genetic markers are identified) what U5b subclade I actually fall into.

Update - Until the full sequence mtDNA results come in to bring up additional markers from the coding region which might suggest otherwise (which is not altogether unlikely), using this chart, and based upon my HVR1 and HVR2 markers only, it looks like I might be in the U5b2a1 subclade of U5b.

UPDATE - using this mutation chart, based upon the mutations I already know, I could fall into either U5b1b or U5b2, so it looks like I can't really predict anything.

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