Monday, November 10, 2008

Precognitive Incident

י"ג חשון תשס"ת
Phasma Priscus 15

A peculiar thing happened today which suggests (but does not necessarily prove) an incident of precognitive perception. It is a possibility that the merchant in question read my blog entry on the dream and then decided to issue me the refund as described below (although this possibility doesn't necessarily disprove an incident of precognitive perception either).

On shabbat (a week ago), I dreamt that my purse was in danger of being stolen, yet wasn't stolen in the end.

Following this most recent shabbat, today I came upon a pleasant surprize - an addition to my checking account of $33.70 from a merchant with whom I have done business in the past year. I had had to wait an extended period of time for an expensive handcrafted item I had purchased from them months ago and they must have decided to refund to me some of the cost.

When I first discovered the odd transacted amount on Sunday when auditing my checkbook online, I had not noticed that the amount had been added to my account. When I saw an amount I hadn't charged or deposited, I immediately thought my account had been wrongly charged. Discombobulated by the unexpected, I couldn't even see the addition to my balance! I was so oblivious to it. But this morning, when I decided to check again before heading off to the bank to order a new debit/credit card and destroy the one I have, I saw that the amount had been credited and not subtracted. I could see it this morning. My checking account had not been robbed after all. On the contrary, it had been enriched by $33.70.

Anyway, a real life event this weekend has correlation with the dream I had the weekend a week ago and putatively suggests that I experienced an incident of precognitive dreaming.

In the dream, my purse was feared stolen, but then it was found not to be stolen after all. In real life, my money was feared stolen, but then it was found not to be stolen after all.

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