Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Flaw Of Pure Selflessness

י"ז חשון תשס"ת
Phasma Priscus 19

In reply to my commentary on Vayera (posted in full at LiveJournal and on Garden Of The Dark Moon Jubilee), my friend Vashtivah commented:

I realize there is a concept of going in and seeking Divine Guidance or Self that is above selfishness, but I don't think it winds up being selflessness.

I think Vashtivah is right - pure selflessness is just as spiritually destructive as pure selfishness. Perhaps the failure to stop the development of Avraham's negative chazakah at the onset was with the construct of the initial choice presented to him itself (see Deeds That Ought Not Be Done). Pure selflessness lacked the power to alter Avraham's action because selflessness, like selfishness, is ultimately flawed. This kernel of truth supports the understanding as posited in my commentary on Vayera. The point with the power to alter Avraham's action was the point oriented toward integration.

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