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Otherworld Mystery Of The Generations

witch alder in autumn

ג' חשון תשס"ת
Phasma Priscus 5

Be careful that you choose for yourselves proper individuals, and they should be members of the society who have been screened. When you come and stand before the door of the Sixth Chamber, show three seals to the guardians of the door. Show two seals to Katzpiel ... [from the text of Heikhalot Rabbati ]


Three dreams I dreamt of events concerning my purse, which in dreamspeak oftentimes symbolizes one's "identity" and material blessings. I just woke up from the third dream.

Two nights ago I dreamt - among the complexity of moving everbody's office locations around, my purse became missing. I feared it might have been stolen, because I couldn't find it. I and everyone else with me looked for it. Was there a thief among us? The question remained unanswered in the dream.

Last night I had two dreams, waking for a short time between them.

Kaphtziel, Maat's Feather, Found

First of the two, I dreamt I was going to visit another world. I packed my luggage for the trip as did a friend of mine. We went together with a group. Before we went to the station of departure to the Otherworld, we were lodged overnight in hotels. I never saw the hotel(s) where others in the group stayed. I stayed apart from the group in a separate hotel. The hotel I stayed in was exquisite and elegant. The pool area was an elegant garden, like one might find a palace garden to be. The water in the pool was sparkling clear. After resting, I rejoined the group and we continued on our way.

The trip could be fatally dangerous for one not of proper energetic alignment. It was an entirely safe trip if one's energetic structure was made of a nature aligned with that of the World to which we were going. Those of us making the trip were a small select group of people chosen because of our likelihood to survive the trip safely. We had been prepared to make it.

We went up into the skies to get to the Otherworld. We were instructed by the Navigator on how to make the jump. The jump and drop down was a most dangerous time. We were above a boundary over the Otherworld. We had to each drop as individuals through the boundary. It could shatter and tear an unprepared soul apart. Looking down from the station in the sky from which we would "drop" into the Otherworld, I saw a blanket of dense clouds. Suddenly, a path through the clouds for each of us parted and we each jumped out the door of Samhain Sabbat Shabbat.

I dropped, picking up speed and falling very fast in the greater mid portion of my descent after an initial slow fall. As I came nearer to the ground of the Otherworld, my descent steadily slowed, until I landed very gently like a feather upon the receiving station in the Otherworld.

The group gathered there and we were each met by an Otherworldy being who would escort us from the receiving station into the New World. We each gathered our luggage which had also arrived and prepared ourselves to continue on into the New World. I looked around for my purse - I hoped I hadn't lost it. Before continuing on, I searched my luggage for the presence of my purse. Opening one of my large suitcases, there was my purse safely tucked away among my clothes in my suitcase. "Thank God! Thank Goddess!" I said very quietly upon finding my purse, embracing the witch in me. I found it! One among the group of travelers and Otherworldly beings said quietly "sorry Father" after hearing me add "thank Goddess", as if apologizing for me, as if my saying "thank Goddess" had offended the Divine. He meant well, but the apology was unnecessary. The Divine has no problem at all with "thank Goddess." We came together as a group, and turned as one to step into the New World. I woke up.

The second of the two dreams last night had many connected scenes, the last two I remember.

Katzpiel, Attempted Theft

First remembered scene - my magic rug (carpet) was accepted into the game. The players on the playing field took it from me as I held it out to them through the fence behind which the spectators watched the game. They ran with it around the field holding it up like a banner. They ran the entire space of the field with it, as if my magic carpet-banner was casting a spell for our team's victory. After completing the covering run, the players brought my magic carpet-banner back to me, handing it over to me through the fence as it had been given.

Second remembered scene - as a nurse (I don't work as a staff nurse any longer at this point in my real life), I was being sent over from my home unit to help out on another unit. A male doctor observed me walk over to the other unit with my purse. When I arrived at the other unit, a female doctor was sitting at the nurse's station while the regular nurses of the unit were preparing to work their shift. I asked where I could lock up my purse while I helped them out. The nurses pointed to the rows of lockers along the concrete wall. One of the nurses said to me, "you can put your purse in one of the lockers." There were many open and available lockers, but none of them had a lock. The nurses and the female doctor wanted me to put my purse into an unlockable locker and go out onto the floor and work. I wasn't going to do it. "I need somewhere where I can lock up my purse while I work,", I said. I was told there were no locks here for me to use with which to secure my purse. They were "pushy", trying to make me leave my purse unsecured. They rolled their eyes and became agitated with me, trying to make me think I was being paranoid as opposed to being responsible for wanting to secure my purse in unfamiliar and unsecured public surroundings. When I refused to put my purse in an unsecured location, they became subtly but clearly hateful toward me. They were angry that I would not leave my purse where it could be stolen. I knew then that someone there wanted to steal my purse and as a group, were trying to make me feel to be the unreasonable one for expecting to be able to lock up my purse. They also tried to make me feel to be a failure as nurse because of my reluctance to go to work (and help them and the patients out) without first securing my purse while in the public place. I told them I was going back to my home unit to get the lock off my own personal locker because I wasn't going to work there with my purse unsecured as I worked. I turned and walked away with my purse in hand.

I woke up.

Last evening before going to bed on Samhain night, I performed a divination using the Hidden Path. The Triformis card was drawn. Symbolism of this card includes:

The number 3 - corresponding to the three purse dreams, containing for me the trifold message of lost, found and attempted theft of my purse (symbolizing identity of soul and material blessings).

One key in the card hangs from the Goddess's left arm, symbolizing the Core Principle from which all mysteries originate, and the role of the Divine Feminine as gatekeeper to and revealer of the mysteries. The key of the card confirms that the attempted theft of my "identity" was foiled. I have the key and my purse is secure.

The lunar crown of the Goddess, worn upon her forehead in the card, symbolizes the Unified Nature of the Triangle of Manifestation. As such, the crown of the Goddess corresponds to the Worlds of Emanated Manifestation (Atzilut, Beriyah and Yetzirah - including the origin of the Keter/Da'at-Malchut of Assiyah in Ateret Hayesod) and the World of Unified Nature (Kadmon) united in completeness (Unity throughout Multiplicity). Kadmon contains "three general levels of Divine Essence in life." Within the physical vessel of the witch herself rests the Malchut of Malchut, and through her the Malchuyot of all Worlds are United.

I wore one of my crowns and went as the witch that I am to work yesterday for Samhain. It was great fun!

The three purse dreams are the three seals. The two dreams occurring on Samhain, where the second dream of Samhain during the Torah portion of Noah, consists of two remembered scenes (two by two) are the two seals.

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