Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Good Day Even Going To The Dentist

י"ח חשון תשס"ת
Phasma Priscus 20

Unbelievable day.

I finally went to the dentist this afternoon to have the back molar I had somehow split weeks ago extracted. First of all, I don't have dental insurance so I had to pay for it. Do you believe what it costs these days just to have a tooth pulled? $260! Wow. But, I had the money to pay for it. Yay!

The dentist told me I should've been a diamond cutter because my molar was split perfectly and flawlessly down the middle. It is a beautiful split, he said. LOL. The wisdom tooth coming in and pushing on it may have actually had something to do with splitting the molar, so my wisdom tooth is so wise it can cut diamonds flawlessly. Yay!

Then, the local anesthetic injections didn't really hurt much. Yay! And neither did the extraction. Double Yay!

It has now been seven hours since the extraction, the numbness has entirely left my jaw and face and you know what? I feel no pain. None. Nada, Nil. I obtained a prescription for Vicodin 'just in case' I might need it when the numbness wore off, but I totally have no pain from this. Unreal, but hey ... Yay!

No swelling or tenderness either ... even after messing around in the area to remove a piece of rice I had for dinner from the wound. Wow. Still pain free. Yay!

Following my dental appointment (with a mouth full of gauze), I went and had the locksmith make a spare key to my car, since I had taken the rest of the afternoon off 'just in case' I bled alot, which I didn't. And I now have a spare key. Yay!

Then, I changed my gauze and went to the mall to purchase a new bottle of the perfume I use, Cashmere. Yummmmm. It smells awesome! I absolutely adore this perfume. They had one bottle of the eau de parfum left - and it's mine, mine, all mine! Yay!

The weather was lovely this afternoon. I feel good. And this has been a good day. Yay!


Secret said...

Interesting, you moon isn't full yet. We went through full moon a few days ago.
I love your crafts. I am trying to make my own tools for ritual.
Sadly my oiled guava wand was thrown out by my husband in error. (he thought it was just a stick lying around) LOL
Love the craft things. I shall follow your blog from now on.

Myfanwy said...

Thank you for your comment! Welcome to my blog.

Dare to be true to yourself.