Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Bridge

The sages say: da’at kanita ma chasarta, da’at chasarta ma kanita – “if you have gained da’at you lack nothing, if you lack da’at what have you gained?”

The ogham letters shown are my circle name Lleucu. There are 14 vertical lines above the horizontal and 14 vertical lines below the horizontal. The ratio of the digit sums of these two numbers is 5/5, representing Binah and Malchut, respectively. The ratio itself reduces to 1/1 and further, to 1 (echad).

Also note, there are 6 "sets" of letters, representing the vav of connection and transformation, da'at, Torah and Truth.

Thus, my circle name Lleucu represents the bridge connecting immanence (Malchut), transcendence (Binah) and Aur Ein Sof as revealed in the Malchut of Echad.

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