Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anochi, The 81st Witch

Thursday of this week, Tevet 21 (כא טבת) is my Hebrew birthday. After sundown today it became Thursday according to both Jewish and Celtic timekeeping.

According to Sefirah Yetzirah, the Hebrew archetype corresponding to Thursday (my Hebrew birthday this year) is Aaron. Oddly, this afternoon going over to my eldest son's house to watch one of my grandsons for a little while, a business truck en route to a customer's residence from the rent-to-own store called Aaron's drove slowly right by me as I exited my car. The name Aaron's was written in big bold letters across the side of the truck. Coincidence? I think not.

The Hebrew letter pei (פ) also corresponds to Thursday. According to kabbalah [1], "eighty witches were hung by eighty students of Shimon ben Shetach", an exceedingly strict [2] Nasi of the Sanhedrin c. 120-40 BCE.

However, despite a similar stictness against me, I am still alive. One Lily (actress Yvonne De Carlo) did, in fact, die (ברוך דיין האמת) on my civil birthday, Monday January 8. I (Anochi) must be the 81st witch and the one that got away.

Moshe and Tzipporah (a role played by Yvonne De Carlo in The Ten Commandments) got away too. From mitzrayim (mochin d'katnut, constricted consciousness [2]). Anochi (אנכי) took them out. Anochi has a gematria of - interestingly - 81 (פא).


[1] The Hebrew Letters, R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh (p. 254).

[2] Harsh strictness is a quality of constricted consiousness, mochin d'katnut. From Kabbalaonline:

(Aramaic) mature and immature intellect or mindsets, respectively. Mochin d'gadlut is a state of expanded intellectual understanding or maturity. Mochin d'katnut is state of restricted or immature intellectual understanding -- the higher intellectual faculties, chochma and bina, are immature or inactive. Mochin d'katnut is restrictive and pedantic, exhibiting primarily middat hadin (austerity tending towards severity). This state is therefore associated with the name Elo-him. Mochin d'gadlut, on the other hand, is a state of intellect in which the higher intellectual faculties, chochma and bina are mature and active. Mochin d'gadlut is magnanimous and tolerant, exhibiting primarily middat harachamim (compassion). This state is therefore associated with the name Havayah -- the Tetragrammaton.

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