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Pentacle & Engraving Yah

In my previous post I discussed the teaching of Sefer Yetzirah 1:1:

The Creator used (these) 32 paths (of Chochmah) to "engrave" so as to create His universe.

Also previously, I discussed how the planet Venus forms a pentacle in the vault of the heavens as it moves with the earth over an 8 year period. Well, almost 8 years. It is either 8 years plus 22 hours or 8 years minus 22 hours [1], depending on whether one is calculating from the vantage of earth or of Venus.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza writes regarding the Venus Transit:

Because the Earth moves 584 Earth days, (about 1.6 years around the ecliptic) before the two planets align, each alignment occurs about 215.6° further than the previous one (about seven astrological signs apart). As this process continues, five unique Venus-Earth locations are created in the ecliptic. The result is a pentagonal synodic series that takes about eight years and which consists of five synodic cycles (shown below). This near perfect pattern (also called a grand quintile) occurs because five cycles occur in an even number of Earth years--almost.

The sixth alignment, which begins the next synodic series, occurs near the same place as the first one, but it is shifted slightly west from the first one by about 2 to 3 degrees. This slight drift occurs because each synodic series actually occurs in 7.997 years, slightly less than eight years. This causes the entire synodic pentagonal series to continually drift westward around the ecliptic in approximately 2° increments.

The digit sum of 7.997 = 7 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 32. Thus, the time shared "between" (beyn בין, a function of Binah-Understanding) the earth and Venus in the design of the heavenly pentacle is exactly equal to the 32 paths of Chochmah (Wisdom) with which the universe is created. This implies an astronomically observable Unity of Chochmah and Binah (the G-d Name YaH) in the formation of this heavenly pentacle.

With 32 mystical paths of Chochmah, engrave Yah ...
Sefer Yetzirah 1:1


[1] The time difference of 22 hours is the same as the number of letters in the Hebrew aleph-beit (alphabet).

where x = the time Venus "arrives" and y = the time earth "arrives"
x + 22 = y
x = y - 22 (so 7.997 is the x value, when Venus arrives)

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