Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two, No Three

י"א בשבט תשס"ז

This past erev shabbat IsraelForum.com removed 2 of my blogs, Walking On Fire and Craftwork Of A Jewitch, from their bloglistings. They didn't tell me that they did it nor explain to me why they did it. I merely discovered it myself perusing the new aggregated entries, seeing my entries mysteriously missing.

I contacted them for an explanation as to why my blogs were removed, also pointing out in the correspondence, that they had missed removing my third blog, Contemplating Sefer HaBahir. IsraelForum never answered my inquiry directly, but they did promptly remove my third blog from the IsraelForum blog lineup.

Yesterday, I contacted IsraelForum a second time requesting an explanation. As it currently stands, I still have received no direct reply or explanation.

Are other J-Bloggers going to let IsraelForum get away with doing this to me?

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