Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From The Race of Ancient Stones

My 100% European Ethnicity that reflects up to the last 2,000 years (about 80 generations).

In follow-up to an earlier post (Soul Saga), in considering the origin of consciousness and my ability to remember events of my existence prior to physical incarnation, I've come to the temple mound of Newgrange, a construction of my ancestors.

In addition to the fact that on the longest night of the year (the winter solstice, hence my connection to the goddess Hela, and shedding light on the memorial line in my Soul Saga poem "in this darkest place"), I have learned that within the inner chambers of Newgrange are carved stones grouped together in groups illustrating in stone cell divisions seemingly symbolic of genetic reproduction following fertilization of an egg by a sperm as my poem and memory Soul Saga also describes). The long entry passageway from which light enters the mound of Newgrange on the longest night of the year symbolizes the reproductive process of fertilization of the egg, suggesting that conscious memory of these pre-incarnate events may have been common among my ancestors, namely, my ancestors who built Newgrange.

That these processes of the beginning of human organic life are clearly evident in the symbolism of Newgrange, underscores for me (like for the author of Ireland, Land of the Pharaohs) that the creators and builders of Newgrange experienced consciousness unlike modern humans (nearly all modern humans that is, excluding those who, like me, carry memories of preincarnate existence).

In the book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, the idea is posited that modern ways of thinking are rather recent in the evolutionary history of humankind. Ancient humans experienced consciousness much differently.

Neuroscientists also posit that the modern human brain functions as a screen of information. In addition to enabling the human mind to focus thought more effectively into a single unified stream of consciousness, the modern human brain filters out a mass of deeply intuitive and sensual information potentially available to conscious perception that would otherwise bombard us (a mass of potentially perceptible information which would make narrowly focused modern human rational thought difficult). In other words, our modern human brain screens out things we might otherwise perceive so that modern humans are more rational and consequently, less intuitively cognitively perceptive to our full environment.

Taking all of these facts together, and given the fact that my modern human ancestors are ethnically 100% European according to my most recent autosomal Family Tree DNA results, and that both my genetic Doggerland fatherline and motherline are indigenous to Old Europe (all genetic data further supporting the antiquity of my ancient European roots and connection to Newgrange), I am thinking that the reason that I can remember preincarnate existence is linked to the idea that my brain may phenotypically express (normally dormant) ancient characteristics of the pre-modern European human brain - one which does NOT filter out the kinds of perceptions and memories which may have been common among my ancient ancestors - the ancestors who commonly experienced incarnate memories of preincarnate existence as evidenced by the temple of Newgrange.

I may write more on this later when my mind is refreshed, as I've been up all night thinking about this, and need to get some sleep now.

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