Monday, May 26, 2014

Othala - First Family Rune

Othala - My First Family Rune

In follow-up to my previous post, I want to quickly post that I drew my first family rune in tonight's nightly rune drawing - it's Othala! So perfect!

In it's form, Othala clearly contains 3 additional runes - kenaz (torch), ingwaz (seed) and gebo (gift).

Two of the three additional runes (torch and seed) represent my genetic U5b1b1 motherline and I-M223 fatherline respectively, extending back and forward through all time. The two continuous lines of Othala (and my motherline and fatherline) intersect in gebo (gift) and kenaz (torch), giving birth to all that I am and raising up in me creative illumination - a gift to me from my ancestral mothers and fathers, those past, those who are, and those yet to be.

My first family rune surrounds with sanctity all of my ancestries and spiritual inheritance clear back to the beginning of life itself and forward into the future. It is not simply Celtic, Germanic, Slavic or any other ethnicity - it is the fundamental living essence of consciousness.

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