Sunday, May 25, 2014

Three Aettir / Three Soul Families


I just had the coolest idea! I am going to take the three aettir of the futhark (the 3 rows or families of runes) and link them to my 3 primary ancestral ethnic families! Now, I am saying right from the get-go, this is my own personal gnosis. I make no claims that what I am going to do applies to everyone. This is my personal path, blazened toward the knowledge I am seeking within the depths of my own soul and kinfolk Folksoul.

The first aett (which I consider to be the eldest) I assign to my likely eldest European roots - my Slavic ethnicity.

The second aett goes to my ancestral family between my eldest and youngest European roots - my Germanic ethnicity.

The third aett goes to my youngest European roots - my Celtic ethnicity.

As I learn more, I will weave together my families by linking each rune also to one of my ethnic roots. I will evaluate each rune independent of the family aett it is in, thus weaving together the runes and my ethnic families. Who knows, maybe some runes will be wildcards from one of the smaller ethnicities found in my genetic ancestry. The future is open and I'm anxious to see what I will discover about myself and my tribes as I do this.

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Lori said...

"Christy Ward, influenced by other scholarly works, tells us that Ørlög is literally “ur”, meaning ancient or primeval, and “lög” is law: ørlög is the law of how things will be, laid down by wyrd or fate by the three Norns. The Norns, Urðr (“That Which Is”), Verðandi (“That Which Is Becoming”) and Skuld (“That Which Should Become”) are the embodiment of wyrd.

The Norns give to us our orlog (or the laws and absolutes of our fate), as much as they in conjunction with ourselves weave the wyrd that is becoming. The absolutes of our fates are those items that cannot be changed, like who our biological parents are, the situation and circumstances into which we are born. The ‘past’ always influences our present and our future. Think of it like this, we know that there are certain scientific laws and principals that affect all things, such as gravity. Gravity can be thought of as a type of orlog. While gravity may dictate that we humans stay on the earth, through our ingenuity we have built planes, spacecraft, etc. that can leave the earth and even the atmosphere. These items are still affected by gravity of course, and gravity is always exerting its force and presence. Similarly, it’s like DNA. DNA can be the orlog we are given, we may be very susceptible to certain types of diseases, but if one knows about this genetic inclination and vulnerability and takes steps in their life to try to stave it off, it is possible to in fact stave off such things.

But while wyrd is our concept for fate, it is also changing and not absolute. We can take the orlog, and then from our choices and actions, and the choices and actions of those around us, we together ‘weave’ what our wyrd will be."

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