Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Ethnic Families

Slavic Witch

I'm taking a new turn in my own soul crafting. New genetic Family Finder results from Family Tree DNA have come in for me (they update results when new techniques become available, see my previous post for the graph), showing my autosomal ancestral ethnicity to be at least 16% Central European - in places like Slovakia, Hungary and the steppes of Russia in other genetics results - and up to 21% adding in my Finnish Saami results (who closely share genetic roots with the Slavic peoples). While my ancestral ethnicity is predominantly Celtic-Germanic (31% and 35% respectively), both my ancestral genetic motherline (U5b1b1-T16192C!) and fatherline (I-M223) have deep Slavic roots, as do the Saami - making my Slavic ethnic ancestry to be at least 21%. 

The large majority of my ethnic ancestry I now know to be Germanic, Celtic and Slavic. Given this, I now am calling myself a Celtic-Germanic-Slavic heathen witch. I need to find out more about Slavic folkways, so the future holds a turn to discover the folkways of my Slavic ancestors . At this point, I know very little about Slavic paganism, but new offerings in my witchcraft shoppe for this tribe of my family are in the works. A pretty complex task, but I'm sure I'll be able to weave all of my ancestral streams together quite nicely in my own soul crafting practice. After all, it's who I am, and I think I am woven together very well.

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