Thursday, May 15, 2014

Doggerland Fatherline From Europe's Atlantis

Historical Doggerland stretched from Britain's east coast to the Netherlands and the western coasts of Germany and Denmark in the area now under the North Sea.

Perhaps part of the reasons why it is difficult for me to pin down a location of emergence for my Dad's I-M223 fatherline is that, according to one academic researchers' website, haplogroup I-M223 emerged in Doggerland (the European Atlantis, a land in ancient Northwestern Europe that now is submerged under the North Sea) -

Haplogroup I-M223
Time of Emergence: 15,000 BP, 600 generations ago
Place: Doggerland

The founder of this marker lived somewhere in the northwestern regions of the European continent, perhaps even in what seems a very unlikely place:  the bed of what is now the North Sea. At the time of the great post-LGM European expansion of 15,000 years ago, there was no North Sea. Instead, there was a flat grassy plain stretching all the way from England through southern Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Frisia and Holland across the North Sea. In fact, had they wished, our forebears could have walked in a straight line all the way from Berlin to Belfast, although they seemed to prefer wandering along beaches.

Doggerland would have covered an area about the size of England, a tundra landscape across which vast herds of reindeer and horses plodded, where salmon spawned in its prolific rivers. As the climate warmed, oak woodland colonized the valleys and hills. Red deer, roe deer and wild pig replaced the barren-ground reindeer. It remained an ideal hunting ground.

Around the shores there is still plenty of evidence of these coastal changes: waterlogged stumps of prehistoric trees in the Thames estuary, or Cardigan Bay, where the sea has drowned magnificent ancient forests.

Today about 25 percent of all northwest European men are members of this haplogroup. The lineage has three primary sub-clades, and each one is prominent in a different geographic location.

How cool! My Dad is a real Atlantean!

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