Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Motherline Ancestral Origins - More Precise Full Sequence mtDNA Matches

Here are three full sequence motherline mtDNA matches for me that I have found in two databases, one at Family Tree DNA and another at mtDNA Community. These three individuals are identified to be in my very specific motherline haplogroup U5b1b1-T16192C!. At least two of the three matches are "4 steps away" from matching my own mutations exactly - none of these individuals carry all seven (315.1C 522.1A 522.2C A12366G A13911G T16093C C16519T) of my "private extra mutations". The match at Family Tree DNA does not report differences in the match results, so I don't know how many "steps away" the UK match is from me.

Anyway, from these three individuals who match me (as it pertains to ancestral genetic motherline) more closely than anyone else in the world so far, it looks like my motherline originates most precisely from Sweden and the UK; where likely the ancestral U5b1b1 pan-clan for both of the two modern regional populations (where my European matches are found) found refuge among the Berbers during the height of the last Ice Age. Scientific population genetic research has demonstrated that Scandinavian U5b1b1 tribes found refuge among the indigenous North African Berbers during the last Ice Age when Northern Europe (including most of the UK) was covered by glaciers.

With my "extra private mutations", it is very likely that, as more people in various European populations get genetic testing done (adding data to the databases), and others in the U5b1b1-T16192C! haplogroup are found who share my unique mutations, the origins and migrations of my motherline will be even more precisely identified. Identifying the European regional origin of my "private mutations" will provide more insight as to my motherline ancestry. My extra mutations could have arisen anywhere in Europe, but given that oral family tradition is that I am of English, Irish and German ancestry primarily, it is very likely that my extra mutations may have arisen in one of these areas of Europe during more recent historical (or late prehistorical migrations) of my motherline.

At any rate, from all that I've learned so far, my deep ancestry seems to be Scandinavian (Sweden), with migration of my Clan during the Ice Age into North Africa, followed by a return to Europe following retreat of the ice sheets, when then, members of my Clan may have re-settled in both Celtic and Nordic areas of Europe (i.e., Northwestern Europe generally).

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