Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Autosomal Admixture Percentages Using Eurogenes K9 Admixture Analysis

My Results

World Population Regions

Uploading my FTDNA autosomal (genes inherited from both parents) SNP genetic data to Gedmatch, I ran the data through the Eurogenes K9 Admixture Utility which calculates genetic admixture population percentages. Shown are my results (top image) and a map (bottom image) showing the regions the results refer (North Amerindian is not shown as my score for that region was 0%). This utility calculates that I am basically 65% Northern European, 32% from other areas of Europe (including the Caucasus) and 3% from Southwest Asia (including Middle East).

Population descriptions are available HERE.

More info on the utility HERE. "If you're looking for a fairly clean cut summation of your ancestry, then use the results from K9 or the Hunter-Gatherer vs. Farmer tests, where genetic differentiation between the clusters is greatest."

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